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The Ball Room

The largest private Venue on the Island.  The old world charm of this Ball Room makes a perfect venue.  It contains two stationary bars, large stage, conversation area with two sofas, two love seats and two coffee tables.  Your caterer will love the large caterer's kitchen.  We have a brides room and a huge Balcony with lights over looking the Historical Strand District.  

We provide a chairs and tables.  Call for quantity of each size tables and the number of chairs we have on hand.

trolley 14.jpg
trolley station 15.jpg

The Atrium

The Atrium is a grand entrance for any guest.  There is an elevator leading up to The Ball Room.

The Atrium is used to sign in table and overflow for cocktail hour when the wedding is large.  We can set up another bar in the Atrium if needed.

The Lafitte Room

The Lafitte Room is located down stairs below the Ball Room.  If you choose to get married in the ball room, we send your guests downstairs to The Lafitte Room for Cocktail Hour and we flip The Ball Room for Dining.  The Lafitte Room contains two bars and cocktail tables with an out door patio.

lafitte room.jpeg

The Large Stage

The large stage can be used for bands, DJ's, head tables or you can get married on the stage. The Large Stage is a must have for any band that a bride chooses.  

The Balcony and The Brides Room

This Large Balcony over looks the Historical Strand District.  The Antique style lights of the rails add a nice touch at night when enjoying the outdoors.  The Brides room is a classy touch and has a private bathroom.  

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